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Bupa Enjoying Some Barbeque at Sugar Bea

The Full Story of Bupa the Elephant

Bupa the elephant, facts (some facts attributed to, Nicholas Courtney, author of Lord of the Isle):

In 1980 John Chipperfield (of the famous circus family), rescued Bupa, age 4, in Uganda, which saved her life from the Ugandan military, who had killed her Mom & Dad in target practice. Bupa was sold to the Dublin Zoo.

Three years later John Chipperfield found Bupa up for sale and told Colin Tennant (Lord Glenconner, 3rd
Barron Glenconner). Tennant was looking for publicity for his new business venture in St. Lucia. Colin bought Bupa and and she was moved from Ireland to Longleat, England. Then Bupa (pronounced “Boopa”), was moved to Tilbury docks where she boarded a Geest Banana boat headed for Castries, St. Lucia.

Colin had flown out 2 Indian mahouts to take care of Bupa. Since Bupa took an immediate liking to Kent Adonai, Tennant’s St. Lucian native, manservant, both Indians weren't needed. One of the Indian mahouts was named, Alex.

Charter Boaters meeting with Bupa: “In 1984 when we met Bupa on “Sugar Beach,” playing with one of her pig friends, Alex (one of the mahouts who worked with Kent), said Bupa was 8 years of age. This would
approximate her birth year to be 1976. Bupa was full of energy and excitement, and was endlessly searching
for food. She was the highlight of our bareboat charter vacation.”

Some facts:
Colin Tennant had two daughters, Amy and May, who were twins. “Flora May Pamela Tennant,” and her sister,

“Amy Jasmine Elizabeth Tennant.” One day while driving with their father, they passed a hospital named, “BUPA” in Brighton, England. And that’s how “Bupa,” acquired her name.

1. Bupa was born in Uganda and became orphaned.
2. Shipped to the Dublin Zoo in Ireland.
3. Then to Longleat Safari Park.
4. Continuing on to Tilbury docks.
5. 1982 shipped Bupa to Castries, St. Lucia on a Banana boat. Kent Adonai, a dock worker, age 19 was offered the job of care giver. He was the first St. Lucian to greet, Bupa.
6. Bupa lived between the Pitons on Sugar Beach.
7. Bupa died February, 1993 at the age of 17 after eating raw, bread dough. The dough fermented, expanded and ultimately asphyxiated her.
8. Bupa lived at: Sugar Beach, Jalousie Plantation, Soufriere, located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.


**During “BUPA’s” life on St. Lucia, she was involved in many fun-loving and mischievous endeavors with regard to all the people she met, whether tourists or native islanders. It’s important to remember that, Bupa, was the only elephant on the island, as well as the only elephant to inhabit a Caribbean island. She adopted many human traits as a result. One act that “Bupa,” performed, and is considered to be her most heartwarming and astonishing achievement as a being of “Mother Earth, is the incredible act of saving a baby from sun exposure. A mother left her baby in the shade of a tree while swimming in the water. Bupa noticed that the sun came around the tree and began to make contact with the baby’s skin. Subsequently, she lifted the basket with her trunk and relocated the baby in the shade, potentially saving the baby’s life… and certainly saving the baby from severe sunburn. Much
can be learned from elephants, as the beloved “BUPA” has demonstrated and taught us.

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