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- Daniel Dessaint, Author  and Illustrator

Daniel Dessaint is a USAF Veteran, a college graduate, a musician and artist. He's resided in a variety of states within the continental U.S., as well as temporarily lived in two foreign nations. Daniel LOVES animals... especially ELEPHANTS! Daniel currently lives in Connecticut, USA. He has completed the first book of his amazing and enchanting children’s book series, entitled, “Bupa The Surf-Elephant.” Dan is presently working on book #2, which will include new characters. Along with his series of “Bupa the Surf-Elephant,” he is working on the unique and true story of the real, “BUPA!”

Sadly, the real, Bupa passed away February 1993. However, no one had any idea, what an impression would be left behind or how much “Bupa” was loved and continues to be remembered. Bupa, who lived between the “Pitons” on the island of St. Lucia, and who also provided so much joy to boaters, tourists and native islanders, is now alive in spirit through a children's book, songs, videos, etc. Upon discovering that an elephant inhabited the very island (St. Lucia), that Daniel was visiting, the artist, author and song writer became so inspired that he felt compelled to write a children's book, songs, videos, etc. Bupa and Dan's story is an inspiration to all of us, young and old.

What makes this children's book even more exciting is the true story that preceded Bupa's children’s book; a story which connects celebrities, Lords, Princesses, Countesses and even the Queen of England’s sister. But that's another story yet to be told. Bupa's legacy lives on.

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