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Hey There Friends

“Hey kids and parents alike. It’s me- ‘BUPA The Surf-Elephant’ also know as just "BUPA The Elephant"! Why Bupa The Surf-Elephant?! Because I can surf!! I know, ‘Silly Elephant… Surfing is for humans....

All About Bupa

 Well I’ve got news for you… Elephants can surf too, as you will discover. But, that’s not all I can do. I’m an Elephant, and elephants are very smart and talented!! I can also water ski, para sail, drive ocean vessels, snowboard, take long naps, ‘Rock my Electric Guitar", and perform many other Animated activities and tasks!! However, some of them are

‘TOP-SECRET’ as of this time. Keep that fact "Under your Hat" if you so kindly would at that. There are "little characters" that live on a tropical island who I protect. Please allow me to tell a short story concerning some of my newly found friends

You see, Kids… while I was Captain of a wooden ship, named "The Floating Circus," me and my Animated, Animal Crew, ran "Smack Dab" into the middle of a terrible storm while out to sea! And, ‘Shiver Me Timbers’… the ship snapped in half! So, we all had to jump into the ocean and grab hold of some ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’- also known as shipwrecked pieces of wood and debris. Fortunately, we all safely washed ashore onto various nearby islands. ‘LAND HO’ thank goodness!! Me and my first mate, ‘MAGOOBEY the MONKEY’ had washed ashore a tropical island and soon discovered that some ‘MAGICAL EVENTS’ had occurred, that I’ll have to explain later. Anyway, before I knew it, ‘I - Captain BUPA THE SURF-ELEPHANT’ became responsible for protecting a bunch of little characters. These ANIMATED CHARACTERS are sometimes called ‘FRUIT-LUCIANS’ and sometimes referred to as ‘ISLAND FRUITIANS.’ Whatever they may be called… they’re ‘ALL SPECIAL LITTLE CHARACTERS!’ Sound familiar?” REMEMBER KIDS… in the “WORLD of IMAGINATION” there’s always ‘MAGIC’ somewhere. And that’s a good thing! “BUPA” certainly agrees!! AND in the world of reality, “BUPA” wants to help “PROTECT” other elephants… because “ELEPHANTS are IMPORTANT TOO!”

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