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"BUPA THE SURF-ELEPHANT": The Mystery of the Glowing Light, is a 32 page, soft-cover, fictional children's book based on the real name of, "BUPA" the elephant (pronounced, "BOOPA")- the only elephant to ever live on a Caribbean island (the island of St. Lucia). This book contains colorfully computer-designed illustrations combined with a fun, rhyming narrative, and is the first of a series. The inside of the front cover provides pictures of "BUPA'S CAST OF CHARACTERS" and the inside of the back cover provides pictures of the "REAL BUPA" socializing with some of the people involved in "BUPA'S" life, as well as animal friends. This book not only includes numerous, entertaining, fictional characters (e.g. Magoobey the Monkey, Misty the Mermaid, Pirate the Pig, Bazooka Banana, Princess Peach and other "ISLAND FRUITIANS"), it also provides a downloadable link that gives access (via included code on 1st page), to a captivating world of "BUPA" media, such as- songs, videos, illustrations (of the fictional character "BUPA," other fictional characters, and the real "BUPA"), as well as a "BUPA FACTS" outline (in PDF format), of the real "BUPA's" journey from the jungles of Africa to island shores of St. Lucia. The outline briefly describes Colin Tenant's (British nobility), purchase of the "REAL BUPA" as well as his daughter's decision as what to name the elephant- "BUPA." Further, the PDF outline should be read to children by parents/guardians as the vocabulary and sentences may need defining and explaining. "BUPA THE SURFELEPHANT": The Mystery of the Glowing Light, is an adventure the entire family can enjoy. Though the "BUPA" character and story are fictional, the name and elephant are both historically real. The actual "BUPA" who lived on a St. Lucian beach was frequently involved in an activity that is depicted on the last page of the book. Hence, there is once page of this vibrantly colored, fictional children's book that is true to life. "Long live BUPA!"

The Mystery if the Glowing Light - Digital

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